Meet Elizabeth

I am proud to call Lima home

I was born in Lima to Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Ruth Hardesty, longtime residents of Lima. I attended Whittier Elementary, South Middle School and Lima Senior High School. While at Lima Senior High I was a member of the swim team, ran track and cross country; I was in the marching and concert band, orchestra, and all 3 choirs – full, Spartainaires and Scarlet & Grey. I was inducted into the National Honor Society and earned All American Academic my senior year. I was awarded numerous scholarships in my quest for higher education.

I attended Wittenberg University for my undergraduate degree in Mathematics and continued to swim while in college.  I earned my Master Degree in Geological Sciences at Michigan State University in 2006.  After graduation I traveled the world to gain knowledge of different cultures and lifestyles. My understanding and embracing of diversity and inclusion has helped me win support from people of all walks of life.

My family has a long history in Lima

The Hardesty family has had farmland near Lima since the early 1900s. My grandfather was raised on a farm in Perry Township where he learned hard work and family dedication were the keys to success. He graduated from South High School in 1929. His wife, my grandmother Ruth Parr, was born in 1912 in Lima and grew up in the city. They were married 1938 and started life near Uniopolis where there is still a Hardesty family farm to this day. A few years later they returned to the city of Lima where they raised their family of 3 children at 746 S. Metcalf Street.  My grandmother resided there until late in her years when she moved to the Barr Apartments downtown. I remember spending many nights and weekends at Grandma’s house.

My father, Kenneth, was the middle child and attended South Junior High, which happened to be the same building as his father’s high school. He graduated from Lima Senior in 1961, received his degree at Wheaton College and then achieved a law degree from The Ohio State University. He was drafted and went to Vietnam with the Army in 1970 where he served as a chaplain’s assistant. He returned to Lima and met my mother, Ruth. Dad enjoyed a lifelong career as a well-liked and respected lawyer in Lima. My mom was born and grew up in Columbus where she was active in swimming and politics. She moved to Lima in 1972 to marry my dad. Together they lived on Lincoln Avenue until I was born in 1980 when they purchased the house across the street, where I’ve lived my whole life. My beloved father had a major stroke the day after my 18th birthday when I was a senior at Lima Senior High School, leaving me and Mom alone. I had to work hard and save my money to earn my way through college where I achieved both an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree. I got my first job shortly after I turned 15, lifeguarding at Schoonover Pool (the only time I have worked for the City of Lima) and I worked for a local florist. I have always been fiscally conservative, even making my own clothes to save money, and I have worked for everything I have. I still live by my grandfather’s motto that hard work and dedication are the keys to success.

Professional Career

I entered the oil and gas industry as an exploration geologist and have been a lead operations geologist on oil rigs throughout the US and Gulf of Mexico. As a respected geologist I have held positions in the Houston Geological Society, AAPG and Young Professional Networks. I have always called Lima home and continue to live in the house my parents purchased when I was born.

As part of an exploration team we’re deemed the task of finding new oil and gas prospects throughout the US. Using seismic data, well logs and subsurface mapping tools we identify locations to drill. Planning of an exploration well is everything but simple. Geologists are in charge of the depth prediction of the different rock formations, any rock evaluation programs – which tests the rocks that return to the surface after drilling for presence of oil and/or gas and collecting data while drilling to incorporate in the subsurface model. These data can also give early indications of how the exploration well and subsequent wells in the area might produce. Thus allowing companies to decide if they want to pursue a full development program in the area.

The devil is in the details, a very true statement for all of the contracts held by a geologist for any given well. Often a geologist (and team) can be “in charge” of up to 8 contracts just for one exploration well! From the mudlogging to the coring company then multiple evaluation companies – each with their own pricing, contract and safety standards that need to be negotiated and followed. These are all managed along with the drilling engineer and senior managers.

Outside of the office during operations (actual drilling of the well) a geologist is often on the rig alongside the drilling team. Looking through a microscope at the cuttings to confirm the well is drilling where it was planned. We also make sure any core that is taken is properly labeled, identified and packaged for shipping to the various testing labs. We then get the data back from the labs and have to incorporate it into the field models and company databases to decide the overall fate of the play.

Elizabeth’s Volunteer and Leadership Experience

Good Neighbors Animal Rescue

Assist with adoptions and well-being of the animals. Currently fostering 3 cats, ages 2.5 years old – 9 months.

Habitat For Humanity,  Multiple locations (Lima, OH, Springfield, OH, Pittsburgh, PA, Houston, TX, abroad)

Volunteered on projects varying from helping vets improve their homes and random repairs to cleaning gardens out with the most recent abroad trip to Vietnam (2019) to help build houses for local families in the southern delta.

Shell Oil Company New Professionals Network, Elected position

Coordinated Lunch & Learns with guest speakers from Shell and outside vendors regarding criteria to acclimate newly hired staff. Served as Chair of Learning & Development Committee.

AAPG/HGS – House of Delegates, Elected position

Represented members during annual AAPG conferences and helped govern the organization for membership, processes, equal employment opportunities, and availability to new industry research.

American Red Cross Instructor, Harris, Clark and Allen County Chapters

Instructed CPR, AED, First Aid, and Lifeguarding classes at area chapters

With my parents, Ken and Ruth Hardesty

Me with Grandma Konkle and Grandma Hardesty

Age 4 1/2

Elizabeth Hardesty at Lima Senior High

I was field commander for the Lima Senior High Marching Band my junior year.

At work on an oil rig.

Volunteering for Habitat For Humanity in Vietnam.